Kate Griffin Birch


4 weeks 16lbs weight loss

Kate signed for 12 weeks and already she has a new outlook on losing weight. Doesn’t miss out on things like cake for birthday celebrations, we just adjust the day around it...no guilt required! If you struggle finding a healthy balance please read below ⬇️
It seems like I have been dieting for 10 years on and off without much success. Every year I say to myself that I won't be this weight by my next birthday and then embark on a crazy diet and promptly give up a few weeks later and pile any lost weight back on and more. I stumbled on Maximus 1,2,3,4 on Facebook and started reading the testimonials. After learning that my weight gain wasn’t medical, I decided I had to do something different and so I signed up with Ben. I wasn't overly optimistic, but I liked Ben when I spoke to him and the plan seemed simple enough for even me to follow.
The difference in just 4 weeks is unbelievable - I have learnt so much and so many of Ben's videos could be aimed directly at me.
My food consumption has changed completely - gone are the high protein/high fat snacks, protein-laden dinners or sugary pick-me-ups. The accountability of taking photos really works for me and Weetabix for lunch is genius: a quick, no thinking required, go-to meal that takes no time to prepare.
Ben’s no-nonsense “get your coat on” approach to getting me to walk was perfect. Being able to enjoy homemade pizza night with my kids (with a few Ben adjustments) or try their random sweets as part of my daily snack calories means I don’t feel like I am missing out on life.
I can’t say that I don’t miss fresh bread loaded with butter and cheese but it is offset by the 16lbs I have lost in 4 weeks – can’t wait to see where the next 8 weeks takes us.
Thank you Ben and team.
Weight Loss –16lbs down
Duration – 4 weeks