Kathy Thomas


Weight Loss

12 Weeks 26lbs Loss

Like a lot of people Kathy has attempted to shift some weight before but just found it really difficult to stick to something. We didn’t go into this focused on numbers, just learning how to change her eating habits. At the same time she lost 26lbs so it’s a great result all round . Kathy has learnt what she needs to, to continue alone 😀 I want to thank you for all your help and education. Food and diet has always been to an issue in my life and throughout these last few months I have realised it is one of things I have control over and it doesn’t control me anywhere near as much. I have had a hellish time in work lately and thank for being there in the background but given me space. Knowing you were there if I needed it helped keep me going. I feel confident to self manage now but can’t praise the program enough as feel finally that I can get to where I am happy with my body - no matter how long it takes - I will now enjoy my journey with food - thank you Ben🙏