Katie McKenna


8 weeks - 11lbs down

Weight Loss

Amazing 8 weeks on plan! Like a lot of people Katie had tried a lot of different ways to lose weight and not got the results she wanted. We broke that habit and 8 weeks on she’s really happy !! Slight adjustment to her routine with going back to work and managing her time but reassured her that the main thing was not to over eat and she’d be fine. So if some days it was a case of grabbing something from the shop just to make good choices but not panic if it wasn’t what she had planned. All makes a difference!
Morning Ben ☺️,
I’m signing off and wanted to thank you SO much for your help - I’ve attempted so many “weight loss” program and yours is by far the easiest/most sustainable ✌🏼 I started at 71kg and weighed myself this morning and I’m 65.8kg ☺️ very happy I’ve lost 11lbs!
Thank you for putting up with me being a little shit 😂 I’m sure I’ll be back for some motivation when we can finally get on holiday!! Thank you again Ben ☺️🎉
Duration - 8 Weeks
Total Weight Loss - 11lbs Down