Katy Hall


11 Weeks 32lbs Down

Weight loss

When I did Katy’s FaceTime I got the impression she was slightly skeptical about how this was going to work by reducing exercise to just walking but after 4 weeks and over a stone down she knew it was the right way to do it. Get the weight down first and then introduce more exercise 😀
We are now at 32lbs in 11 weeks !!
When I started the plan all I could think was two things - how hungry I’d be (sorry Ben 😂) and how was I going to lose weight by only walking as my exercise. But this plan has been incredible!!! Ben has been there every step of the way with any questions / support I needed. I can’t thank you enough Ben, I’m finally back in control of my relationship with food! ❤️❤️❤️
Duration - 11 weeks
Weight loss - 32lbs