Kaytie Mary Green


weight loss journey

18lbs Loss

Been self managing for a long time now. Has a real problem with seeing results. Often puts everything on the what the scales say. Yes they were vital in tracking progress at the beginning however when you get to a optimum body weight that suits you then pics do all the talking. Said she’d been snacking a bit too much but with a house move, mum of twins and shitty COVID I’ve told her to chill out a bit. Quite often with people if they fall off plan a bit it distorts what you see in the mirror when in fact it has done nothing. This is a real head game this man! Be positive with what you have achieved! =================================

12 Weeks - 15 lbs Loss!

One of the toughest people on themselves I’ve ever known! If she ever did a triple somersault she’d moan it wasn’t a quadruple!😀. Pulled my hair out a lot when we did our plan as she was nailing it but really didn’t see she was! Anyway been self managing food for the last 8 weeks now and I get this sent to me….. I’m buying smaller clothes and that makes me happy. Thank you for making me see food better 👌 15 lb down, .. I only wanted to get to my target weight before X-mas and only 3 lb to go. (12.Nov'19)