Kenton West


12 Weeks 45lbs Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Wrote a glowing review on the plan this morning 😀😀 smashed it !!!!
ATTENTION... if you have tried all sorts of diets, HIIT classes, running and god knows what else to be healthier then look no further.
I was in the above trap, killing myself to lose weight with little return for my efforts...well I can positively say thanks to Ben Rickwood & food plan I have achieved what I thought was becoming impossible...12 weeks later and 45lbs lighter I feel like a new man, it was fun, interesting and above all else sustainable!!
When you want to play the guitar or learn martial arts you hire a coach...well this is no different, I wanted to learn how to lose weight be eating right and being active so I hired a food coach...give it a won't be disappointed.
Duration - 12 weeks
Total Weight Loss - 45lbs down

4 Weeks 26lbs Down

4 weeks between these photos. Done by eating the right food and walking. That’s it! Only 4 weeks in and already seeing a massive difference. Found that having a food coach to keep him on track has been a real game changer.
"When you want to learn something new you hire a coach...I wanted to lose weight without killing myself running or HIIT sessions and a close friend told me about Maximus 1, 2, 3, 4 food I took the plunge and reached out to was the BEST decision I ever made, it was the easiest food plan I've ever done and with Ben holding me to account with daily support I am on track to achieve great things in life not just with food"
Duration: 4 weeks
Weight Loss: 26lbs down