Kerrie Young


12 Weeks 21lbs weight loss

Not into guilt over food or unhealthy methods? Then this plan is the one for you.
I started the 1234 plan back in June & I had initially signed up for 4 weeks. As most people starting a new ‘diet’ I was a little sceptical that it was going to work for me after many failed diets. I soon realised that this wasn’t a diet & a life style change for me that I really needed. It has made me realise how much I was over eating, even the ‘healthy’ foods. Drinking enough water & sticking to correct portions I now do without even giving it a second thought. After an amazing loss in the first 4 weeks I signed up for another 8 weeks & cannot believe how much I’ve lost! I cannot thank Ben enough for all his support & guidance over the last 12 weeks 😁!
Weight Loss –21lbs down
Duration –12 weeks

4 Weeks 13.5lbs weight loss

Another happy client extended their plan after the first 4 weeks 😀
So close to hitting 1stone loss
LI’m feeling really good! Another really good week I think! Decided I’m going to sign up for another couple of months too 😁 started now so want to keep going now! Having the accountability of sending the picture has helped so much!l
Weight Loss –13.5lbs down
Duration –4 weeks