Kerry Parker


Weight Loss

6.7Kgs Total Weight Loss

Worked together before on food and had amazing results. However in February with lockdown, home schooling and stress activity levels had dropped and a few bad habits of just grabbing food out and about.
A quick chat, plan set and we were off!! Killed it!!! We nailed two PT session a week which set the results apart from last time. Top results this...!
I’ve lost 6.7kg. It’s the shape change more so this time. I need to make another hole on my belt after already making 2 extra ones last year. My waist is down to 32” from 35” at X-mas and finally my thighs are slimming from 26” to 24”

8 Weeks 17.5 lbs Weight Loss

I’ve loved this one as every week we have had a small loss. No emotional breakdowns, no tantrums, just a happy face when the weight has gone down. Has listened to everything I have said about how the body might not lose one stone in a week and just got on with it! Understood that life gets in the way and not to write days off with one bad meal. Thank you honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help, iv tried some many time and so many different things nothing ever worked. This is simple to follow and hasn’t stressed me out at all. So big thank you 8 weeks 17.5 lbs loss.