Laura Cloude-Mitchell


12 Weeks 16lbs Down

weight loss

Wanted to get some control back with eating and exercise. Aim was to feel more confident by her 40th and she did it !! Over a stone down and feeling great for it. Now using the M+ as she is confident with food choices but still wants to weekly weigh ins to keep on track. My weight has been creeping up and up over the last few years and feeling unhappy, unconfident and with my 40th birthday approaching I wanted to sort myself out. Ben's plan is such a simple way of eating and makes so much sense. I haven't felt hungry at all by following it and have still been able to have all the things I enjoy. It's been slow progress for me but I'm happy with that as it's about changing my habits. I've still a little way to go so am continuing on the app. Thank you to Ben for getting me on the right track 😀 Duration - 12 weeks Weight Loss - 16lbs Down