Lauren Green & Becky Beilby


8 Weeks 8lbs down

Smaller framed client that wanted some help to get some control over her eating habits.
A lot of meals out so we just made sure there were good choices being made and kept the walking up throughout the week.
Thank you so much for the help over the past 8 weeks, been super helpful and I recommend you to everyone I know who wants to lose some weight! Even though I’ve been out for dinner like 3 times every week and drinking on weekends you’ve still helped me to not go off the rails and to make sensible choices when out!! 🙏🏼🎉

4 Weeks 14lbs Down

Both completed 4 weeks on plan. In those 4 weeks they have both still enjoyed themselves, there were birthdays , booze , takeaways and afternoon teas but both still lost weight . It was learning what to do and keeping portions right. Realizing that if you go off plan you don’t have to write the entire week off .
Lauren- Yeah really happy thank you!! Think for me it wasn’t as much about loosing loads of weight think I wanted to get a healthier relationship with food to know what’s a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner etc which I wasn’t having before! But at the same time I’ve got to my goal weight 😀 Duration - 4 weeks Total Weight Loss - 14lbs between them