Lauren Hill


12 weeks 24lbs Down

Weight loss

Lauren is signing off after 12 weeks on plan with amazing results.
We were realistic from the start as Lauren needed the plan to fit in with her life. Plenty of meals out during the 12 weeks, but Lauren did what was recommended and the weight put on during lockdown is off😃
I started the 1234 food plan back in July after eating and drinking too much during lockdowns and not moving enough. I had reached a point where I was really unhappy with my weight and was ready to make a change.
Ben made everything so easy and simple to follow, I’ve never felt hungry, limited or restricted to what I could eat. I was aiming to lose the stone of lockdown weight I had gained and I’ve lost nearly 2 so I would 100% recommend this plan to anyone who struggles with dieting, after doing the 12 weeks I’m ready to take the principles I’ve learnt and implement them myself.
Eat less move more it really is as simple as that

4 Weeks 10.5lbs weight loss

Why not start in the summer ? This plan doesn’t restrict you so much that you have to miss out all the summer fun. Lauren decided to start 4 weeks ago and she’s managed to get her weight down, she’s already seeing change in the mirror and all done whilst still having a life 😀
It’s been enjoyable, I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out on anything I’m just a lot more aware of what I’m eating now, I’ve tried so many things before and never had such good results so quick! Excited for the next 4 weeks now!!
Weight Loss –10.5lbs down
Duration –4weeks