Lee Davidson


Before and After Pic

All the way out in oz and wanting to get in shape in a sensible way! If I was to say now he gave up living, didn’t drink, didn’t have a pizza or went out with other half Deandra Hadden who is also on plan and had fun I’d be taking shit! This is how much rubbish there is in this industry! Get portions right, the workouts I sent are so easy to do, we just concentrated on the effort put in. There was no hero shit! Just Lee getting his sessions done, eating right and having a life. 8 weeks this took! We have I think 8 weeks left on this and it’s not a transformation where he has given up everything so his enthusiasm is just rising as we go! No limping over the finish line just to get a picture all to put it all back on the next week! Wherever you are Maximus gym can help you!