Lee Davies


5 Weeks 12lbs Down


Needed a bit of help with food after a change of routine during lockdown threw off his routine and he wanted to get the weight off that he had gained. We did things a bit differently with exercise as he has to keep up with his girlfriend who is a pretty big deal in the netball world. Still going but incredible first month on plan.
Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Ben Rickwood for getting me sorted on the 1234 food plan. After researching and trying out many diets, eating foods I didn't like, my eating habits and training routine went way off track during lockdown. Contacting Ben was the best thing I have done, understanding food types and portion sizes along with banded workouts has definitely worked a treat. So if your looking to have a healthy life balance, enjoy the food you like and shred some weight the 1234 food plan is highly recommended. ๐Ÿ‘
Duration: 5 weeks
Weight Loss: 12lbs down