Louise Coulson


weight loss journey

4 Weeks- 8lbs Loss

Not going to say much on this one as Louise has it covered in what she’s said below 😀⬇️
I wanted to prove I can achieve results for longer than a week. I just needed that support. On your own you can make yourself believe you can get away with bad habits and make fake promises to do better the next day but you end up doing the same the next day. With 1234 you're just so much more motivated for the right reasons. You've just got to figure out how much you want it! I really didn't want to give up when there was a result after week 1! I loved the straightforward daily routine and enjoyed creating healthy meals which were surprisingly filling. I didn't exactly have to go through hell to get results. With that daily support and someone who's got your back 100%, no wonder there's endless results. Zero regrets!! Lastly, thank you so much what you do is amazing 😁 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️