Louise Kilty


Weight Loss

24lbs down

Starting to notice positive change, not just physically but also mentally. Making much better choices when it comes to food and is much more aware of portions. Even if it’s a meal not on her plan just reducing the amount of what she would usually have. All these things show how far she has come. Weight loss is a life changer and my legs have always hurt, so I've never felt comfortable folding my legs or sitting with them up. It's coming off where it never usually does! Hips & thighs! Do you know what, its stupid things like this... that I couldn't do when I first started.

8 Weeks 25 lbs Down

Shared Louise’s 8 week results last week without pics so here they are . Down 25lbs !!! Louise admitted that some bad habits had started to creep in this week but because she has a food coach working with her it hasn’t meant complete devastation and giving up. We just get straight back to it remembering exactly what she’s achieving 😀
The accountability aspect of this plan really helps people stay on track !

Duration: 8 Weeks Weight Loss : 25lbs Down