Lydia Butler


8 Weeks 31 lbs weight loss

Tried it all before ... so had Lydia. Difference this time it was a lot easier to follow. No guilt, completely sustainable and she still enjoyed herself. Completely smashed this, amazing 8 week result!!
I had seen quite a few of my friends do the 1234 food plan on fb with great success. My friend wanted to give it a go and persuaded me to try it. I'm terrible at diets and for years nothing has worked, so I was apprehensive and my mind was in that here we go again. I've done them all believe me. So anyway I said OK I'll sign up for 4 weeks see how it goes. Ben instantly put my mind at ease and is a very down to earth guy. He is understanding of you and the journey you are on regardless of the pace. The plan is so simple, like its staring you in the face the whole time but has just never been explained properly. I don't feel hungry and its not restricted. You can let your hair down for occasions as long as you balance things out. Thanks guys 🤗
Weight Loss –31lbs down
Duration –8 weeks