Mark O’ Sullivan


Weight Loss

Australia edition! 11 Kgs Loss

My Australian client smashing the plan and so far 11kgs down. Been self managing for a while but we are getting the band back together to get the last bit off. A very early 4.45am FaceTime call this morning and we are ready to go!
11kgs down......more to come!

Australia edition! 8 Weeks 9 Kgs Loss

Miles or time zones cant stop this plan! A quick chat and we had a plan based on what mark wanted to achieve. Get some weight off then hit the gym! 8 weeks in we are really seeing the results and a further little tweak will see the next phase come in lovely! Eating the foods he likes, quick gym sessions and walks and a very happy customer!
Yes for sure go for it I’m proud of my results Thank you to for your help couldn’t of done it with out you! 😀🏋️‍♂️❤️👊🌍