Martine Whitaker


12 Weeks 16lbs weight loss

Signed up to the plan for weight loss with her partner Sonia they wanted to improve their eating habits and get their weight that’s what we did. Martine didn’t walk before starting and she’s realised it’s something she really enjoys and it’s now just part of her lifestyle.
Having completed 12 weeks with Maximus 1-2-3-4 Food Plan has done wonders for me. Firstly, I have lost 16lbs! But, in addition to this, I have also started walking (something I just didn’t do!) By walking more regularly, I have started to clear my head after working long hours. It has also made me spend time with friends, chatting and walking, has helped! With the plan, I have learnt to portion control and feel in control of my food intake! Thanks for everything, I’ll keep in touch!
Weight Loss – 16lbs down
Duration – 12 weeks