Mary Grose


52 Weeks 39lbs weight loss

Mary has been sending in her food pics for a year now!
Will be strange not getting her daily check ins now she has signed off to self manage but I’m so pleased she enjoyed the plan and the support enough to stay on for a year !!
“I’m so happy - have lost 2 stone 10 3/4lbs since last August! My eating and wine habits have changed forever and will keep up my daily walk and other exercises. So I think it’s time to finally sign off now and keep going on my own. Can’t thank you enough for all your support and help over the past year. It’s been brilliant 🤩 If, God forbid, the scales start climbing again perhaps I can sign up for the app? Anyway, thanks again and all best wishes to you and your team.”
Weight Loss –39lbs down
Duration – 52 weeks