Michael Mills


weight Loss

9 Months 38.5lbs Loss

9 months in and you are looking at different human being than the one on the right! A complete change in lifestyle, mindset and decision making. Popped in for a weights session last week and we caught up about his activity levels how the weight loss has given him freedom to choose what exercise he wants to do that day, be it walking, running weights or circuits. We’ve made many adjustments as his weight has dropped and weight is no longer a primary concern but just a measure to check any changes we make in his food or training. So happy for him man!

Maximus Jim Frimley

============================================ Take a client with a pre diabetic warning, feeling shit, lethargic, wanting to change lifestyle and very determined to do something about it. Then Get him to sign up to the 1234 plan and what do you have? A brand new human no longer pre diabetic, feeling amazing, full of energy and glad they did something about it. This could be you!? No shakes, no supplements, hasn’t starved. I have a picture of everything single thing he has eaten for the whole time he’s been on plan. Real food! Real people! Real results!

Maximus Jim Frimley