Michael Wright


4 Weeks 13lbs weight loss

Mick had a knee replacement a few years ago and is due to has the other done so keeping a check on his weight is important.
Loves his food, rightly so, but was over eating and decided it was time to sort his diet out, with a little persuasion from his daughter Gemma Shakespeare.
Northern and has the saying “The only thing better than 1 Yorkshire pudding ....is 4 Yorkshire puddings.” Not anymore! We got rid of his oversized portions and changed choices of drink.
Still eating foods that he enjoys and he’s already noticing a difference in his walking. Does laps of a field and he’s already picking up the pace and noticing the difference in himself.
Still going but what a start ....
No carb cutting
No nonsense
And no gym required to get results!
Weight Loss –13lbs down
Duration –4 weeks