Micheal Mills and Julie Mills


Hi Ben, As you know Jules and I started to 1,2,34 plan in January having tried every fad diet under the sun; but non of which offered us the right fix. We have busy, hectic, stressful lives which involve a lot of travel, meals out and entertaining of clients, none of which fit well with weight loss. The exercise was always an afterthought as well. Additionally, I was told I was pre-diabetic last year following years of struggling to get my eating under control. Jules also struggled with PCOS making weight loss difficult. The plan has changed our lives! We are more active, with better sleep, more energy and we NEVER feel hungry. I've also seen a significant reduction in my blood pressure and whilst I can't get checked currently I'm pretty certain I'm not pre-diabetic any more To date I've lost 10kg and Jules has lost 6kg (on a small frame) and that loss includes weekends away, parties and very regular meals out and takeaways. I'm only halfway through my journey but I know I will get there! The plan is sensible, realistic and above all else for me sustainable for a prolonged period. If you want to lose weight and enjoy it, you have to do this! This diet is THE BEST blueprint for sustained weight loss we've ever done.