Nakita Ellen


12 Weeks 2 stone 5lbs loss

Weight Loss

1234 and PT with Dan Case-elson
Nakita is signing off from plan now, ready to self manage food and continue her training with Dan.
Confidence is growing more and more each week. So proud of how far she’s come the past few months 💪🏼
After 12 weeks on the 1234 plan, it’s safe to say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I could not recommend it enough!! Not only do I actually enjoy exercising now and look forward to my walks each week. My relationship with food has never ever been better and that’s solely down to this plan. I can not thank Ben enough for being my biggest supporter throughout and for putting up with my constant moaning and bad days!
Weight Loss - 2 stones 5lbs down
Duration - 12 weeks

9 Weeks 2 Stones Down

1234 & PT with Dan Case-elson
How to smash a plan ... be a moaning Myrtle whilst doing everything you should and getting great results. We are still working on Nakita’s confidence in realizing how well she’s done but you can see in these pictures how it’s going 😀 loves her walks and now she’s working with Dan in the gym 💪🏼
I am so glad I am doing this and I feel different In myself so I guess that’s the important thing. I still feel so motivated, my clothes feel different and I’ve gone down 2 sizes. So I have so many positive things -
Weight Loss - 2 stones down
Duration - 9 weeks

4 Weeks 18.5lbs Down

Posted results during the week but she has just sent me comparison pictures ! Amazing
Anyone that knows me knows I have a countless list of allergies and intolerances which has hindered my relationship with food over the last few years. So I was skeptical how this could work for me, however, the plan has been unbelievably easy and I actually look forward to meal times now.
Ben and the 1234 team have been supportive and my biggest cheerleaders throughout.. even when I go missing for a few days. Literally cannot thank them enough for the first 4 weeks 🙌🏻☺️!!
Weight Loss - 18.5lbs down
Duration - 4 weeks