Naomi Burton – 12 Weeks 40lbs Loss


Weight Loss

Naomi Burton posted her 12 week results yesterday. She has absolutely smashed it !! “What words can I say that the pictures don't already... today marks 12 weeks on the Maximus 1234 FoodPlan and I couldn't be happier with my results 40lbs in 12 weeks, that's 2lbs off of 3 stone! This plan has not only brought structure to my food and day but an amazing amount of health benefits and confidence too! I have a physical job that was once difficult to keep up with the pace and would leave me feeling tired and nap ready regardless of the time 😂 now I'm walking regularly, exercising and complaining so much less about being tired! From the fussiest eater.. if I can do it, anyone can! Thank you so much Ben Rickwood, for everything- the journey doesn't end here!!”

12 weeks 40lbs loss !!!