Nat Nat Gibbs


4 Weeks 14lbs Down

weight loss

Nat decided a year ago to start training and working on her fitness. She had done so well and even come off of the medication she was taking. However, her food needed some adjustments so she signed up and in 4 weeks the results are amazing! I will post her 12 month picture in comments...
You name a diet I’ve done it! I’ve tried calorie counting, Weight watchers, Keto, shake diets, Body Coach....the list goes on! I’m not shy when it comes to training I converted my gym over lockdown and spent 12 months working on my fitness with my PT and with exercise my body changed but the scales didn’t. I came off my antidepressants in December and exercise allowed me to do this, my mind is now the healthiest it’s ever been!! I also wanted to come off them because I believe they were effecting my appetite and in turn my weight. I needed now to sort my food...I watched Wes’ videos and journey I just thought I got to do this it works! I’ve been on plan now for 4 weeks and the food is real food, I feel like I have support. I’m not hungry the food isn’t bland I enjoy all the meals. I’m 4 weeks in and 14lbs/1 stone down it was the target in my head and I managed it and I’m over the moon!! If you’re reading this thinking I need to sort it out just do it don’t hesitate just sign up!
Duration: 4 weeks
Weight Loss: 14lbs down