Natasha Beaumont


8 Weeks 13.5lbs weight loss

Natasha signed up for some motivation to make some changes to her diet and get out for walks. Still got to enjoy meals out and sheโ€™s tried new foods and found it a really positive experience. Moving onto the M+ as she wants the accountability of weekly weigh ins ๐Ÿ˜€
I signed up to the plan 8 weeks ago as I'd fallen into a rut and was bored with what I was eating over lockdown.
I was was hoping Ben would be able to refresh my meal plan and hopefully help me loose a few lbs along the way.
Whilst doing the Plan I've realised that I was constantly grazing unnecessarily and should have been drinking a lot more. I did struggle with the amount of liquid to start with but Ben's daily reminders definitely helped me with the water intake.
By having to send pictures of every meal I've also managed to get my portion size under control.
I'm now moving over to the M+ Plan so I've still got some accountability by weighing in every week.
Thanks for you help and support.
Weight Loss โ€“13.5lbs down
Duration โ€“ 8 weeks