Natasha Saker


12 Weeks 28lbs Down

weight loss transformation

Using M+ app now and still on track. Natasha is 1 stone from her target weight !! Good times 😀
”I’m really happy with my results. Thank you to the 1234 plan
Finding a sensible, healthy approach will always benefit you more long term. Natasha come on plan after she had done a course of weight loss injections and learning the hard way what happens when you come off of them. I started the plan 12 weeks ago after feeling so uncomfortable with my weight for a long time, I had done lots of different diets and even resulted to buying weight loss injections which did work and I lost weight really quick but the weight also crept back up really quick and before you know it I was back to my original size and at £300 a time for a course of injections it was very expensive and I still had no idea about portions and what to eat. So I was told about the 1234 Food Plan by a friend and it was the best thing I had ever done the plan was so simple easy to follow, easy exercise and great support from ben. Ben is so supportive and I cannot thank him enough. Yes I struggled with the plan at times wanting to eat crap but Ben was right there to give me a kick up the are again to get me back on track. I cant thank you enough I feel amazing, fitter and stronger so happy with my weight loss and my new lifestyle change 28lbs loss so happy.

Duration: 12 weeks Weight Loss: 28lbs down