Nicola Macguire


Before and After Pic

Our original consultation was done on a bus via FaceTime. This set the tone for what was a hilarious first 4 weeks on plan. Amazing results, a new outlook on food and portions and a great summer was had. Signed up for second phase and she pretty self managed from there. Contact was sporadic but checking in now and then just to say things were cool. Messaged me earlier today to say portions still on, will start the home workout video I have sent when she has time and still dropping weight! a complete lunatic but really happy for her! Also…. I’ve had a few cheats in these last few weeks. But making my meals all good. But I’ve have some chocolate here.And a cheeky kfc even on a hangover. So my start weight was 13 st 11 lbsAnd now I’m 12st 3lbs 12 weeks, 8 weeks self managed.