Nicole Maconachie


Started plan middle of may. Was determined to get hold of her eating and change her lifestyle habits. I’ve posted her results as we’ve gone but it’s always cool when someone signs off confident they can do it on their own and self manage food. She has been walking and recently started the home workouts I sent her. It’s huge achievement to keep going going through the ups and downs of a weight loss journey and accept why some weeks are better than others. Then you have school holidays, all inclusive holidays and girls nights out. This proves this plan is a lifestyle choice, not too restrictive and easy to follow without being a good twat. Last weigh in today.. Haven’t lost loads this month. But since I’ve added in the home work out you sent me, Even I can see how much my body shape is changing! Which Is way better than the number on the scales! 37.5lb loss since middle of May.. Happy with that! Started may. 37.5lbs loss.