Penny Schacht


39lbs Down

Weight Loss

Dated: 18.Dec'21 This is incredible. Summer to now, very close to the 3 stone mark and honestly such a transformation in Penny’s relationship with food. No longer using phrases like “being a bit naughty and having pizza” because she knows there’s nothing naughty about it, no guilt needed. She does what she is supposed to do and it doesn’t effect her. Always say the psychological part takes longer to change than getting the weight off and I’m confident we have cracked both ! ‘I found the exact same picture from when I went to friends fest in the summer and compared it to today. I bloody love this plan! I couldn’t even imagine going back to how I was eating before. It’s quite scary 😂 I’ve said it before but this is literally life changing. You’ve found the magic combination 😊 I never thought I could do it, this has changed my whole attitude to food and balance.’
“I literally cannot believe it!! I am absolutely made up, never thought I could ever loose this much. Thank you 😊
Penny has actually lost another 6lbs since the picture on the right was taken . First 8 weeks have been great. A lot of self doubt this one, but we are working on that as we go. Reassurance and someone to guide you along the way really helps. Sometimes it’s difficult to see for yourself how well you’re doing.
‘The Maximus 1,2,3,4 plan has been the best thing I have ever done. I signed up after seeing one of my best friend get amazing results. Ben has taught me it is all about balance. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten, it’s simple and easy. I have had very extended (!!!) birthday celebrations this month 😂 but all Ben has ever said is to enjoy myself and a gentle “try not to have too much prosecco” every now and again 🤣 I feel so much better in myself and I am loving all the walking. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.’
Weight Loss –31lbs down
Duration –8 weeks

4 Weeks 19lbs weight loss

“This is without doubt the best thing I have done. It’s changed how I think about food and my previous poor relationship with it.”
Get your weight down but also learn along the way and improve your relationship with food.
Weight Loss –19lbs down
Duration –4 weeks