Rachel Bezzant – 4 Weeks – 14lbs Down


Weight Loss

When you’ve tried all the diets going and then find the 1234FoodPlan and get these results in 4 weeks !!!!
Rachel joined plan and she was very determined and a bit sceptical that she could still have a take away, roast dinners , eat some chocolate, not cut out carbs and still lose weight, but she trusted the plan and has completely smashed it !
Started off with just walking and in the second week added in some workouts . Didn’t have to spend hours exhausting her body with hiit sessions, just manageable exercise .
There were days that she felt a bit unmotivated but we would have a chat and just pick it up and more importantly not stress about what the scales say too much . Easy to get consumed by the numbers . I’ve said it sooooo many times but this really is a way of learning to have a healthy relationship with food and not associate certain foods with guilt . Find the balance that suits you and everything else falls into place 😀
“Thank you so much! It’s crazy how this has worked so well for me. Constantly trying every diet under the sun to get rid of my mum tum 🤣🤪
4 weeks
14lbs down !!!!!