Rachel Gray


Weight Loss

Great success the first time round . Jumped back on plan for accountability aspect after things slipping during lockdown . Back in the gym and PT and has snapped back in 4 weeks . Just needed that kick start 😀 Bottom right is before Rachel started the first time !

Second time on the food plan for me, but not because it didn’t work the first time! I didn’t need to loose weight this time round I needed to get my head back in the right frame of mind, loosing the weight was an added bonus! lock-down happened just as I came off plan last time and even though I was working, everyone else stopped, I started eating bigger portions, especially those potatoes aye Ben and needed to reign it back in. Ben has been great , listened to what I (that i is key to this!) wanted to introduce and how to do it the right way, I’ve had a fair few cheat days but still got to where I wanted to be! Thanks Ben!