Rebecca Grist


8 Weeks 1 Stone Down

portion sizes

Starting today’s results with Rebecca. Loves the simplicity of plan and not being restricted. A lot more confident in her food choices and understanding of how to keep her results going 😀
After seeing some of my friends do this plan and the results they got I decided to sign up myself . I’ve tried numerous diets but not got the results as quick and easy as this . From just cutting down portion sizes but still being able to have a treat !
Can honestly say I’m not really hungry between meals now as I’ve learnt how to eat properly so that I’m full . Cannot recommend Ben highly enough , always there for support even when you’ve had a bad day ! Would like to thank you for your continued support over the past 2 months and helping me to achieve this weight loss !
Duration - 8 Weeks Total Weight Loss - 1 Stone Down