Richard Comber


12 Weeks 37lbs weight loss

Food Plan

Been a member of Maximus for a couple of years now. Last June he came to me saying it was time to get his food sorted as he wanted to get fitter, feel more healthy and progress his training. At 58 and 17.5 stone we started with getting his steps up and a simple to follow structure for eating balanced meals at the right times that suited him. He got down to a lowest of 14stone 4lbs at which we then increased his food and his lifting to get him to a fit and strong 15 stone.
Can’t take all the credit as his PT sessions with Dan Jenney and ass kicking spin sessions by Sadie Hall has transformed his health and fitness! Extremely dedicated, has learnt you can have a life whilst pursuing a goal in the gym too! Top work mate!

When you’re determined and open to changing your approach, great things can happen.
Once we got his weight down he started to really notice the difference in his PT sessions with Dan.
Still had a life and enjoyed the food he likes, just now he has a plan in place to prevent his weight going up.
Look at the difference after 12 weeks !!
The final result is in: after 12 weeks, I stand at 14stone 10lb. I started at 17st 5lb. That’s a total of 37lb in 12 weeks. This included from14 Aug visitors, off plan meals, a holiday too. Smashed the exercise, smashed the walking and smashed the water. I feel great and am back on plan now until 30 September. Let’s see where we can get to!
Weight Loss –37lbs down
Duration –12 weeks

8 Weeks 31lbs weight loss

No running this time round and it’s working a treat. Walking and some light work in the gym doing the trick 🙂
Easily in his suit that he hasn’t got in since 2017. Enjoying his food still and 31lbs lost !!
Man on a mission so still more to come here 💪🏼
And I have been very happy on the food. The odd digression but it hasn’t harmed the progress. I’ve maintained the exercise at gym and walking - no running this time around and it has still worked.
Weight Loss –31lbs down
Duration –8 weeks

6 Weeks 24lbs weight loss

Smashing plan and smashes his walks.
150 miles covered in July. Add a good foodplan in with that and you get results like this. Still eating food he likes, no carb cutting or bland, burning foods.
“Some stats: I was 241lbs (15:3). I’ve lost 24lbs so far (10%). Today I’ve completed in July 241km (150 miles) of walking. Look how many calories it’s burned!!”
Weight Loss –24lbs down
You don’t have to sacrifice every bit of fun to get your weight down, it’s learning how to keep balance.
A difficult week with the footy and a Big Italian Reds wine tasting last Thurs, but a positive mental attitude, cutting back on portions and exercising hard - scales this week still show a 3lb reduction, meaning my first STONE has tumbled off!! 😃😃😃😃
Weight Loss –1 stone down
Duration –4 weeks