Rose O’Donnell


4 Weeks 18lbs Down

lose weight

Making this her new way of eating forever rather than jumping in and out of diets.
With a lot of weight loss plans you might find it’s difficult to stick to them long term as they are to restrictive or just not realistic for day to day life . That’s why the 1234 is teaching it’s clients how lose weight the sustainable way!
Thank you Ben for all your help! I’m a serial dieter but this is literally the easiest thing I have ever done. It’s helped make me so much more aware of what I’m eating and to watch my portions. Ben is always there for 24/7 support with no judgment. 😅 Looking forward to seeing what results the next 4 weeks brings!
Thanks again Ben, you’re the best! 😬🤘🏻
Duration: 4 weeks
Weight Loss: 18lbs down