Rudi Evans


12 Weeks 18lbs weight loss

Signed up previous to this 12 weeks but wasn’t quite ready. So this time round we made sure we went into it with a realistic approach. Didn’t demonise certain foods, just kept the balance and portions in.
Wow 12 weeks done!
I cant believe how far you have got me in 12 weeks, it’s actually not been painful at all. I’ve learnt that no day is a write off/ to look at food as fuel and realise that being satisfied doesn't mean I need to be so stuffed it hurts,it’s ok to leave food on my plate if i’m full / I can have the foods I enjoy because smaller portions are enough / craving something sweet doesn’t have to result in a sugar coma, and that If the kids don’t finish it, I don't have to, funny enough, no one died! Daily walks are actually good for my stress levels, and that I still need to work on my water intake. Not going to lie I’m a little scared to go it alone! Thank you for all of your help and support. I have found the accountability really motivating, having my questions answered when In need and the gentle guidance. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you 🙌🏽
Weight Loss –18lbs down
Duration – 12 weeks