Sam Jarrett


12 Weeks 23lbs weight loss

So pleased Sam has found using the plan a success, not only for getting the weight off but changing her perception of weight loss.
No more obsessing over the scales but using them as a guide.
Confidence has come on so much since the start and she’s feeling amazing and ready to self manage.
“So I joined up to the 1234 plan 12 weeks ago after seeing all the successful weight loss stories. Wasn’t sure what to expect and I had tough days where I just wanted to binge. The guys at Maximus kept me sane and now I don’t crave food like I used to. I enjoy the food I eat now!
So my final weigh in after the 12 weeks is 1 stone 9.2 lbs down!
I couldn’t see the change in my body until this week but my clothes were all so big, people were noticing and that gave me so much more confidence.
I would 100% recommend this plan to anyone and I’m so glad I found a way that has worked for me.”
Weight Loss –23lbs down
Duration – 12 weeks

4 weeks 10.5lbs weight loss

Fussy eater ? The plan can still work for you. We discussed Sam’s plan so it would work with foods she liked and the first 4 weeks has gone better than she expected. No guilt trips, just a clear approach 💪🏼
After watching a lot of activity on FB about this plan over many months and seeing amazing results from people I actually know I decided to look into it for myself.
I am a really fussy eater and wasn’t sure the plan could work for me, but after speaking to Ben he advised me what I should be eating and how to control the portions.
This plan has me thinking about what I put into my body and the choices I have been making.
The team reply to my daily updates with lots of positivity and support. I’ve just spent this weekend partying with friends and eating what I wanted with no guilt!!
This is because I discussed my plans with the team beforehand and know what I need to do to keep going and to just do some more walking! It’s really that simple!
4 weeks in and I’ve lost 10.5lbs and gone down a dress size 💪🏾 roll on the next 8 weeks!
Weight Loss –10.5lbs down
Duration – 4 weeks