Samantha Allsopp


1 stone and 4lbs - 12 Weeks

food plan

I started on Maximus 1234 Food Plan 12 weeks ago and have lost 1 stone and 4lbs. It has by far been the easiest plan. The advice about exercise and food has been so encouraging as we all know you have to do both , however , I have realised that walking just 45mins to 1 hr. a day really does do the job and certainly has helped with my thoughts and feeling good for the day no matter what the weather. After about 6 weeks my stomach feels like it’s shrunk and even if I wanted to eat more I couldn’t which is great as it keeps me on plan for my 1234 meals. I have had a busy few months eating out and celebrations so drinking too but I have just chosen the best food out but at times have eaten off plan with things I was craving and still lost. I just walked a little bit more or did my peloton for 20 mins. It’s great fitting into clothes I no longer could including my work uniform from 2015 which I couldn’t even do the zip up on and was so tight. Now it pretty much hangs off me!

I am buying clothes that I want to buy not clothes that covers me and it feels good. This year is filled with holidays, weddings, hen dos and lots more including being maid of honour to my best friend and it was important. I feel good about myself in my dress and I do already. I didn’t need much advice from the team as I soon realised that if I had nights out I just dropped my snacks and exercised a little more. I can’t say it’s been hard as I still have 3 lovely meals a day, eat out and generally when you feel better in yourself it comes pretty easy. Best plan ever and now I don’t even think about what I’m eating. Long may it continue! Thanks to all the team. Sam

“I know from previous diets that I keep the weight off easier when it’s just 1-2lbs a week loss which is what I’ve achieved so I am really happy. I can honestly say I have only had a few hard days feeling hungry but that’s because of my mood or when I didn’t drink enough water.

I cried when I went on the scales 10 weeks ago and now I do a celebratory yelp to myself each week. My body shape is the main thing for me, I’m now looking at clothes that I want to wear not what covers me.
My body shape I am so proud of and the plan is the best I’ve been on. Even eating out, I lost every week. It’s also teaching me that I don’t need big portions and that going for a walk usually gives me the clearest of minds. Thanks all and here’s to the next half a stone I’d say!

I don’t have pics of before and after but I base my weight lose on my work uniform and it was so tight on legs, tummy, bum, everywhere that I couldn’t wear it and now it is even a little big! “

Into week 10 and 12lbs down! Smashing it ready for summer