Sanna Mirza


4 weeks 9lbs down

We can get you results! Sanna has tried a lot of different plans and is doing so well with the accountability of sending food pictures and the daily interaction really helps to keep her motivated. We have adjusted things to suit Sanna during Ramadan and she’s really happy with her progress !
So after failing different diets and just not losing much weight I started following maximus 1234 food plan. After a little while of going back and forth I took the plunge and contacted Ben. Best decision ever!!!
I’ve only been on the plan for 4 weeks and my total weight loss is 9 pounds!!! Super chuffed with myself. But seriously I couldn’t have done with out bens support. It felt a little odd sending pics of my food but after a couple of days you get used to it!
If anyone is still on the fence about joining deffo deffo do it! It has kept me in check and look forward to the next four! 🥳
Weight Loss –9lbs down
Duration –4 weeks