Sarah Hayward


4 weeks 10lbs weight loss

Sarah wanted to get some weight off but needed to be careful as she is breastfeeding. During the consultation we set out how we would do this so not to disrupt her milk. Plan worked effectively and we had no issues πŸ˜€
I had a baby in December and was finding it difficult to shift any weight. On the 1234 food plan I managed to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks.
I consider myself a fairly active person with having horses and walking my dogs however adding in an extra 30 minute walk a day really made a difference to my fitness and energy levels, I also found it less stressful than trying to fit in a workout as I could put my daughter in her pram and take her with me( usually to get her to sleep 🀣. Also with having Ben for guidance and accountability it made me realise how much I mindlessly and unnecessarily snack. Ben knew I was still breastfeeding so was mindful that I didn’t want dieting to effect my milk supply however this was never an issue. I can honestly say I never really felt hungry on the plan and feel my attitude towards food has already changed. I also was able to enjoy a few gin & tonics along the way 😊
I highly recommend this plan to anyone who really does want to lose weight πŸ‘
Weight Loss –10lbs down
Duration – 4 weeks