Sarah Leadbeater


4 Weeks 5kg weight loss

Sarah has done all the diets over the years but really wanted a way of getting some weight off without using methods that aren’t sustainable. We put her plan together and got her moving more and she’s still enjoyed meals out with keeping control in. Another 8 weeks to go 💪🏼
After trying so many fad diets I'd given up hope of losing weight but one day I came across Maximus 1234 online and decided to take a plunge and signed for 12 weeks straight off. I've been on it 4 weeks now and have lost 5kg, it's really simple to follow no giving up certain foods just watching portions and you knew I'd love having oats for lunch. I used to be that child that used to love sport but not as an adult well participating, gyms make me cringe so when Ben said I needed to move more I cringed but I'm really enjoying the daily walks. What helps keep me motivated is the accountability of having to take pics of everything you eat plus Ben keeps you motivated. This is only the beginning looking forward to the next 8 weeks and yes you can enjoy a cheeky drink in the sun.
Weight Loss –5kg down
Duration – 4 weeks