Sarah Rawcliffe


12 Weeks 10.5kg weight loss

Signed up with Jason and they smashed this together. Stayed consistent with walks and a few adjustments to portion sizes has got great results. It doesn’t always take drastic change to get yourself in shape, just being mindful of how much you’re eating and how much you’re moving.
I've been on plan before and found it as great this time as it was last time! I needed a little help - lockdown and work stress lead to me over snacking and not bothering to exercise, I just got lazy 🤦🏻‍♀ i wanted to shift a few kgs and feel better about myself, and my 10.5kg drop was better than I hoped for! Being held accountable is what makes the difference - sending pictures of my food every day made me think about what I was eating and realise how much I was over eating, plus my portions were a little OTT! Loved being on plan, love feeling better and lighter and I can't recommend the 1234 team enough 🖤
Weight Loss – 10.5kg down
Duration – 12 weeks

8 Weeks 17.5lbs loss

Sarah and Jason done the plan last year with great results. Old habits started to creep in so they decided to get themselves back on plan for a bit of accountability. 100% the right thing to do and it’s paid off !!
Got activity up with walking in the first 4 weeks and once her weight loss we then introduced some additional workouts 💪🏼 Signed for another 4 weeks !
Weight Loss – 17.5lbs down
Duration – 8 weeks