Shane Hurwood


Weight Loss

12 Weeks 3Stone 8lbs Down

12 weeks on plan! Just 12 weeks and look at the difference man . Incredible what you can achieve when you want it enough. The mans even smiling now 😂 Shane has just made simple changes with food and exercise. Rather than sit in the car whilst the kids are doing clubs he gets out and walks He’s still enjoyed his food but just doesn’t eat as much of it anymore . Amazing determination and an amazing result !
So year after year of putting on more and more weight, trying diet after diet and different training regimes I knew I had to do something to get the weight off and get healthier. I knew a couple of people that had used Ben and his 1234 plan to help lose excess weight. After looking at all the results others where having I signed up to the 12 week plan. With simple diet changes and managing my portion control better combined with the simple task of walking the weight just started dropping off. I couldn't believe how easy it was after so many years really over complicating things, suddenly it was so simple. At 8 weeks in Ben advised that it was fine to start doing a few boot camp sessions if I wanted start toning up. In 12 weeks I've dropped 50lbs in weight and feel absolutely amazing. I'm going to now self manage and see how I get on following Ben's plan on my own knowing that if I start to struggle he is always going to be there to help. I really can't thank Ben enough for all the help, support and advice.

10 Weeks 3 Stone 2lbs Down

1234 and Bootcamp with Daz Hennessy 10 weeks ago Shane started on 1234 FoodPlan after gaining weight over time . This goes to show what you can achieve . Not a quick fix , changing your lifestyle so you can continue to make progress and keep the weight off !
Mate I couldn't be any happier with how its going. Spent years just slowly adding on more and more weight so to see it dropping off in the time it has has been brilliant. Duration: 10 weeks Weight Loss : 3 stone 2lbs off 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️