Shelby James


Before and After Pic

Was determined not to let the second baby hold her back in her quest to get in shape for her holiday. 1 pt sessions week and walking everyday. 8 weeks on food plan. Was a real slow starter but listened to me in not giving up and then it all started to go her way. ========================= Have posted progress since we started! Shelby has done so well man! If you are looking for these results then Maximus Jim Frimley can get you them! Food Plan! Classes! PT! Membership! Affordable! Attainable and sustainable results! Kid friendly! Community run gym! If you are paying through the nose for a pt with no results the give us a try? Are you paying for a gym and not even going? You have the power, you are the customer! took these on the last day, after 4 days of surviving on vodka and kfc I don’t think they’re too bad ha! Thanks for sorting my shit out, booking a holiday when you’ve just had a baby isn’t always a good idea but I think that’s the best I’ve felt on a holiday so thank you! Want to feel even better next year so back on it tomorrow 💪🏼