Sherrie Mayger


4 Weeks 7lbs weight loss

Half a stone down !!
Energy levels have been amazing since getting her food right and she’s learning along the way. Don’t sign up to a plan that is just pushing products on to you. Go for one that care about your results and are there to help !! 😀
I have struggled with my weight for years and would lose a pound or two only to gain it back again the next week. I was recommended to try Maximus 1,2,3,4 food plan as it wasn’t a fad. I have found it easy to stick to and managed to lose weight each week. The support and accountability was great and I feel I have definitely changed my mind set on losing weight. I have more energy, less bloated and feel better than I have done in months. I still have a long way to go but feel equipped now to make the changes I need to for a healthy lifestyle
Weight Loss –7lbs down
Duration – 4 weeks