Si J Bennett – 12 Weeks -53 lbs Down


weight loss

12 weeks ago Simon decided it was time for him to make some changes with his eating habits and he wanted to shift some weight . Got him signed up and he has SMASHED IT !!! He now comes in for PT and we are going to continue work together on this but he’s now confident to go it alone with his food !! Again this is not a diet that you apply for a short time to drop abit of weight and then return to old habits , this is learning how to eat sensibly without cutting food groups or never having a slice of pizza . Sure Simon has still had days when he has found it difficult but he has kept it going and at this point he is so happy and motivated to progress more !!! 12 weeks ago I was weighing at 314lbs and I knew I had to take the plunge, tried dieting before but I got bored of it . I’m not embarrassed of my body and I’m not afraid of people seeing me. I’ve still got work to do to get where I want to be, but today after 12 weeks on plan with Ben I’m now weigh in at 261lbs and I couldn’t be happier !!! 12 weeks 53 lbs down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!