Simon Ormston


Weight Loss

8 Weeks 28lbs Down

Another one signing off after 8 weeks. Wanted to get fit for a upcoming operation and just get hold of his eating and raise activity! Took a run up with this one and smashed it miles out the park!!!
I feel brilliant mate, I’m not eating for sake of eating. I stop when I’m full. I’ve never been a fan of wasting food but now my portions are getting smaller. Very rarely eat after dinner when I used to snack all the time, now when my head says that’s it that’s it mate. I’ll defo be signing up again mate it’s been unreal these past 8 weeks. 8 weeks 28lbs down. Maximus Jim Frimley 😀🏋️‍♂️❤️👊🌍
============================================================== Was fed up of feeling unhealthy and said it’s time to do so thing about it! This he did very well!!!!
I’ve weighed and it’s a 20lb lost over the 4 weeks, I’m buzzing lol not only that though I fit into clothes better and I have more energy and feel as though I can engage in my job even more which is brilliant as it makes me love my job even more already. The plans has been so simple and effective for me mate. I’m so different with food to how I was 4 weeks ago. Before I couldn’t walk in a shop with out buying crap but now all I buy is my 3 litres of water a day which by the way is right next to the chocolate shelves 🤦🏻‍♂️ which is my absolute arch enemy lol. Having to text you every day as well has helped massively as well so thanks for that mate. Onto the next 4 weeks I can’t wait 💪 4 weeks. 20lbs loss.