Sophie Benton


16 Weeks 34lbs weight loss

Marking the end of week 16 with and incredible 2st 6lbs loss !!!
Signing up to this plan doesn’t mean giving up the things you enjoy. Sophie has still enjoyed a curry with friends or a nice Sunday roast. The difference now is that she has a better understanding of how to keep the balance in place.
Walks have been great throughout her sign up, something that she enjoys doing now and obviously at 34lbs down she is feeling really well ! Massive achievement
Weight Loss –34lbs down
Duration –16 weeks

12 Weeks 30lbs weight loss

Sophie signed up 12 weeks ago.
She really wanted to change her eating habits and lose some weight but didn’t want to feel restricted or under too much pressure.
Now we have her weight down the next stage is adding in a couple of workouts a week 😀
Amazing progress 💪🏼
Weight Loss –30lbs down
Duration – 12 weeks

8 Weeks 23.5lbs down

We are still going but wanted to post Sophie’s progress so far. Finding the daily communication keeps her motivated and still eating meals that she enjoys. Down 23.5lbs !!!!
Onto the next 4 weeks 💪🏼
Ben has been great ,always there to answer any questions and checks in on you throughout the day. Bring on the next 4 weeks!
Weight Loss –23.5lbs down
Duration – 8 weeks