Stuart Dawson


8 Weeks 34 lbs Down


Decided it was time to make some changes to what he was eating and now 8 weeks in and still going strong !! This doesn’t mean he’s up at 5, weighing foods and calculating how many calories he’s having and what exercise he will do to burn some off.
He’s just doing light exercise and eating the right things in portion. Still enjoys a takeaway and doesn’t punish himself for it 😀
Can’t thank Ben & the team at 1234 food Plan enough they’ve really changed my outlook on food & especially dieting in general. The plan is easy to follow and you get great support initially I signed up for four weeks as I was skeptical if it was for me but I was so wrong great plan no judgment no guilt trips no magic tablets or shakes just sensible eating & sensible portions.
Duration: 8 weeks
Weight Loss: 34lbs down