Susie Boutal


8 Weeks 17lbs weight loss

As soon as we started Susie noticed she was doing little activity before starting so introducing the short walks paid off straight away. Put a food plan in place with foods she liked and weight started dropping. Had to keep her off the scales because it was becoming a daily ritual 😂 and I didn’t want her obsessing over them.
Now over a stone down, more active and a lot more aware of portions.
Still going so more to come but off to a great start !!
8 weeks ago I had been struggling to get motivated to lose weight and had only managed 4lbs over a couple of months. I would slip off the wagon and find it harder each time to get back on. Now I have lost a further 17lbs and have picked up some healthy habits along the way. Having the accountability of photographing each meal has really helped me be more mindful of what I’m eating and totally kept me on track.
Weight Loss –17lbs down
Duration –8 weeks